Jonathan Million

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

My curiosity makes me ask questions. My need to please makes me innovate. I love to work with teams who like to drive positive change through their business. Innovation can simply be making a subtle change to a digital technique, through to a complete overhaul of a slow, tired system that isn’t working.

My approach is to build the eco-system that can deliver positive impact and innovate the path to lean, agile working systems that accelerates client journeys and brand growth.

Proudest Achievement

Inventing ClickScape and bringing it to market – from scratch…Changing the game with a revolutionary new way to truly understand consumers in the moment.

Claire Million

Company Secretary

5 years working client side at Unilever really means I understand clients. 100%. After 10 years at Blue Yonder, I’m the one you won’t see – the one behind the scenes managing the important stuff –the accounts, the procurement, the functionality – making sure it all comes together to allow us to grow, as we grow our clients.

Proudest Achievement

The most complicated CLT ever. 35 frozen turkeys. 500 consumers. 5 crack of dawn starts, and 500 turkey portions: same resting period, temp, size, weight – in 1 week.

Richard Heath

Managing Director

I’m driven by a love of brands and getting things done with genuine, impactful insight. The reward comes from solving clients’ problems and seeing their brands fly in market.  

I’ve specialised in communications, digital and neuroscience. Trying new things out excites me. This is what I love about Blue Yonder; the team are always exploring new ways to give Clients’ brands a head start on the market.  

I’ve led agencies and major accounts out of the UK and Singapore. Working with CSuite marketers from countless categories all around the world has given me an insight into the real day to day challenges of brand teams. Helping them navigate these challenges is hugely rewarding. I love a great insight, but what I really love is impact. I’ll run senior workshops, write papers, debate one on one, speak on a platform, or directly to the board... whatever it takes to create brand growth.

Proudest Achievement

Helping some of the biggest and best brands in the world stay innovative, stay close to their consumers, and stay in growth.

Kate Binner

Research Director

After 20 years working for global giants, I deliver insight driven quantitative projects - brilliantly!

It's crucial that my clients receive a clear, compelling story with actionable recommendations. I pull out all the stops to make sure this happens - every time, working with our data scientists to mine data to deliver richer, deeper insight.

My core is consumer research - product testing, complex project management survey design and the interpretation of data. Globally. Digitally. In person and online.

Proudest Achievement

Taking product testing further for the world’s best brands. 80 consumers, 4 consecutive days each, 8 fragrances, 4 different touchpoints. Hard core.

Hannah Rogers

Client Lead & Research Director

Trained by Unilever global best practice leaders, I’ve spent 11 years developing innovative solutions to the global needs of brands such as Unilever and RB.

I love being challenged. I love making things that don’t feel possible, possible. I love qual. And Quant: global, face to face, digital, in home, online – all of it. I love understanding consumer stories and translating them into brand stories, so give me a challenge and I’ll get on with it!

Proudest Achievement

Moving Blue Yonder into TVC territory with the world’s biggest antiperspirant brand! Fantastic research – outstanding storytelling – straight from the consumer to the screen.

Jordan McCann-Howcroft

Media Executive

Proudest Achievement

Taking ethnography further: first and third person obs, video overlay, L Cuts, J Cuts, B Rolls – a captivating digital story for absolute stakeholder buy in.

Michael Calvert

Senior Data Analyst

Proudest Achievement

Creating and optimising a segmentation tool from scratch to generate algorithms which accurately assign users into relevant groups! 6000 assigned so far…and counting!

Jo Thompson

Office Manager

Proudest Achievement

I learnt, populated and implemented our new digital HR database - amazing resource for amazing people.

Georgina Brayshaw

Research Executive

Proudest Achievement

40 quant interviews per day for 5 days with 100% verified result accuracy! Smashed it!