Our Data POV

Decisions need data. Clean, Rich and Robust data - data that tells a story and creates impact. For over 20 years we have put the consumer at the heart of the issue, whether that’s via one of the thousands of online interactions we run each year, or face to face for a product experience.

We understand that some tests are straightforward…and that some require 4 consumer opinion touchpoints per day for 6 days, for 3 different products and for 1000 consumers in 5 different regions.

We will not chase ‘fast data’, we source rapid, refined quality data. There is an important difference and its about the panels we use, the recruitment standards we maintain and the code our Oracle data science team create to verify millions of cells at the touch of a button.

Sometimes we don’t need any new data, we just need to blend what you already have. Sales, Social, Media, Brand, CX, CE, Panel… the chances are the answer is in there somewhere. Let’s distil it and take a look.

By using our own trained panel, we can ensure higher levels of consumer engagement and quality, to create the most effective insights for you.