Live Dashboard

You no longer have to wait for winning data. Live Dash enables you to access and share your insight immediately.

The sequence is seamless, from understanding your needs, designing your dashboard, to displaying your insight in a clear, usable manner that is stakeholder ready and instantly actionable – driving fast decisions. 

The Oracle data team work with you to understand exactly how your processes work. We challenge and test them to ensure maximum value is being achieved. We then design a platform that meets your immediate needs and expectations. The relationship is collaborative, with regular touchpoints to ensure you are meeting, and where possible exceeding, your business needs to enhance what you can do with your data.

Live-dash allows flexibility, bespoke presentation and ‘on the fly’ in-depth analysis, providing a clear, intuitive and uninterrupted flow of knowledge to be injected into your business.

Projects are overseen by a senior member of the data analysis team, combining speed and accuracy, with high-quality statistical expertise.

From the project’s inception through to the final results, all aspects of data handling and management are conducted in house, allowing a clear, consistent story to emerge from every stage.

Our data scientists have conducted over 2000 research projects, with over 40 years combined experience in 40+ categories, providing high-quality data to deadline.