How we do it
How we do it

How we do it


10 years ago, we changed the shopper game by building Shopper:Lab™. We're still innovating today...

Shopper:Lab™ is flexible. It’s Grocers. It’s Pharmacy. It’s fridges and freezers. It’s filmed in 4k – from multiple angles. It’s a safe space – designed to test the things that can’t be tested live. It tests purchase, stand out, appeal, on pack comms, pack stability, POS, ranges, purchase decision hierarchy, shopper behaviour, optimal fixtures - and it tests us. It tests to come up with ways to better understand shoppers where they should be – shopping.

We are still innovating: at shelf and online.

At shelf, state of the art 4K cameras and HD audio capture shopper behaviour with greater clarity.  New hot spotting digital technology proves at shelf fixture interaction, showing areas of shopper focus – key shelves and areas for attention.

Shoppers are now digital, and so are we.

  • UX software tracks the taxonomy of sites - our team understands the shopper decisions behind it
  • We bring fixtures, products and POS to life through Virtual Reality testing
  • We use HD fixture images for overnight online testing

We do this all over the world for leading global giants. What are your shopper needs?