The Blue Yonder Consumer Panel is designed to give clients great data at low cost and high speed

Our own panel

Simply put, owning our own panel allows us to run product tests and other quant studies at lower costs than competitors. It also means we can react quickly getting answers and insight into your hands fast.

Our panel achieves in excess of 90% response rates, is quality checked regularly for professional respondents and grows organically ensuring we always have the right demographics for you.

The right people, quickly

The panel stands at around 10,000, drawn from across the country. It may not be the largest, but it is intensively screened. Not everyone makes it onto the panel. Our panellists are articulate, and well incentivised. Of course they can also remove their profile at any point - we are fully GDPR compliant.

We manage our panelists on our bespoke panel database which has been designed with over 25 years of experience to ensure that your test has the right people, balanced across all cells.