The Power Of Click

The Issue


Brands invest a huge amount of budget to enhance the technology in their products to give them competitive edge. Consumer Apps are then used to attempt to capture ‘in the moment’ data that highlights the technology working.


For subtle interactions, consumers are not consistent or engaged enough at recording interactions consistently through an app.


Data is therefore often flat, unreliable and lacking insight, which is demotivating to the brands who need to prove their technology is working.


The risk of not finding a better performing alternative system is that stakeholders won’t have the evidence they need to make the right decisions, slowing down their journey.

The Solution

Clickscape® is a consumer insight tool, a wearable device in many forms that allows consumers to register their engagement of a research subject or matter, very quickly and discreetly.

The Clickscape® System provides Instant ‘In the moment’ Data, a new metric to enrich your decision making

One Click = Measure 1
Two Clicks = Measure 2

The app receives data and combines with demographic and smartphone metrics

A bespoke client dashboard displays live data