3D: Dynamic, Digital Discovery

The next generation of digital research; welcome to the future.

Digital research for a digital era

In 2019 alone, 1.92 billion people around the world are expected to buy something online, and over 4 million blog posts are published on the internet everyday. At a time when digital savvy Gen Xers and millennials now have the most spending power of any generation, can we afford not to connect with them in their world?

Real impact. Real insight.

Digital, online platforms aren’t new. They have been around for years. They were quick and cheap, but they weren’t any better. They didn’t capture emotion. They ONLY connected people digitally – they didn’t truly connect them; we got information, not insight.

Automation went too far the other way, losing sight of the human element – coding language, facial expressions, body language and tone of voice with varying degrees of success. It couldn’t win – because, fundamentally, research isn’t just about emotion. It’s about matching behaviour with emotion, stated and felt, and bringing it together to drive actionable results: we needed to change the digital game - so we did.

A whole new game

Created by researchers trained by Global Best practice leaders, and developed by technical specialists, 3D does just change the game – it’s a whole new game: it’s not just about the tools the platform has, it’s the researchers behind the tools. It brings the right people together to deliver the right research: faster, better, more involved and much more cost effective.