How we do it
How we do it

How we do it

Consumer Innovation Centre

Our Consumer Innovation Centre. Come see what's behind the door...

It is critical that clients are delivered impactful insight, and that needs consistent innovation of the robust techniques that service our industry so well, not just to be innovative, but to create change.

We were amongst the first to inject video into standard reports, 30 second clips that went viral within a business straight through to stakeholders, assisting decisions that shaped the brand growth, it is now standard practice, but it wasn’t in 2004!

We know that showing how a consumer feels is challenging, and we use the C.I.C to find ways to get closer than ever to the consumer, hearing them think, seeing them react, and expressing their immediate feelings, giving the ‘why’ to the questions your stakeholders rely upon you to discover.

Our job is to enhance research to meet client needs, getting faster and smarter to give them the edge they need.